Monday, 21 June 2010

School is out

She has got pink glasses, a red, white, orange and yellow T-shirt, black jeans and black shoes.
She has got brown hair.
On tuesday  school is out.
I wish you a good summer.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

She has got straight and brown hair, littles eyes, a small nose and a little mouth.
She wearing a white shirt with a heart and a blue jeans.
She has got a poster and this has got written: I love my friends.

Friday, 11 June 2010

My pet

This is my pet.
Its name is Pinky.
Pinky is a pig very funny.
Pinky is the name of the dog of my granny.
It eats apples.
I love Pinky!

A cat in a poster

This is my poster.
Create your own in:
This cat is brown, with green eyes, the mouth is
pink and the nose too and is very very beautiful.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

What is this?

Hello, everybody!
He is a monster, an alien... No, he is a person!
He has got a big mouth, a glasses, a big nose, horrible eyes and he haven't got hair.
He is very ugly.

Monday, 7 June 2010

I am a policewoman


I am a policewoman.

I have got a hat with a star and a sunglasses.
I have got wavy hair, a little nose and a big smile.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

David Bustamante


He is one of my favourites singers.
I love this song "No soy Superman."

Bustamante has got a good voice.
He went at "OperaciĆ³n Triunfo."

In my opinion, he is the best singer of Spain.

I love David Bustamante!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A fan of the Real Madrid.


I am a fan of the Real Madrid and Bart Simpson too!

Bart has got the suit of the Real Madrid, blue shoes and a skateboard.

The best friend of Bart  is Mihouse.

He has got two sisters Lisa and Maggie.

He is my favourite cartoon of the Simpsons.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Patatoe Best

Hi, beast's fans!

This is my beast.
It haves got two arms with a Sun and a Moon, r, a big mouth and it is red.

It is very angry and small.
                                                      In my opinion it is the more beautifull monster in the world